Johnny Cash tribute for Parkisons Disease

August 27, 2011

September is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and the Bingara and District Parkinson’s Support Group are organising a major fundraiser for Parkinson’s Research. 

There is no cure at the moment for this debilitating disease, and all money raised will go to Parkinson’s NSW for research.  Funding has been cut back considerably, not just for this Research, but also for Cancer and the like. Our day at the Roxy will be a "Johnny Cash Tribute day".

From an extremely heavy schedule of commitments, the support group were fortunate to obtain Helen and Tony Cornish, who will  entertain the crowd with  music performed by Johnny Cash.   Helen and Tony will have on sale their CD’s, including their new album entitled "Lonely Street". 

This concert will commence at 11am After lunch, there will be a screening of the film‘Walk the Line,’ which is based on Johnny Cash’s life. Morning tea and Lunch will be available with Friends of Touriandi catering. Cost is Morning tea $5, light lunch $10.RSVP by 1st September please.

Cost is $8 per session, or $15 for the day.
Information  booklets, on Parkinsons will be available on the day.
Bookings: Jenny Mead at the Roxy 67240066 or e-mail:
Further enquiries, contact: Joan Bush 67241976