Ladies of the Land exhibition

June 9, 2017

One of the highlights in the calendar at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park is our annual Aboriginal Art Show that coincides and commemorates the Myall Creek Memorial. This year we continue that tradition on Sunday 11th June with ‘Ladies of the Land’, an exhibition by 3 Aboriginal female artists, Karen Fletcher, Tracey Cattana and Tanya Taylor. Bring your own utensils to enter the Green Prize and arrive at 12 noon for lunch and refreshments. Entry is by gold coin donation.

Karen Fletcher is a Worimi Woman who regularly transforms her dreams into art. She paints in acrylic on canvas and experiments by giving new life to reclaimed objects. Some of her unusual pieces are included in the show; beautifully painted cattle skulls, an exquisitely decorated mannequin and more traditional subject matter in colourful acrylics.

Tracey Cattana’s piece “Octopus”

Tracey Cattana is from Tamworth and is a ‘proud Wiradjuri Woman’. She has made art all her life and discovered that digital drawing was the medium that allows her to draw ‘organically’. In Tracey’s creative digital mono prints we recognise the colours and subject matter explored by Vincent Van Gogh at Arles and Saint Remys. She feels a special connection to this artist and this can be seen in her piece ‘Octopus’ (above) an experiment in design and colour and a reflection of her own and Van Gogh’s experimentation and struggle with mental illness.

Tanya Taylor is a Worimi/Kattang artist, raised in traditional indigenous ways until she was 27 years old. She has inherited her father’s love of working with wood and makes beautiful hand whittled wooden rainbow serpents and fighting sticks. Her acrylic paintings honour her father and illustrate her intimate knowledge of the landscape and its animals.

We encourage people to go to the Myall Creek Memorial on Sunday 11th of June and afterwards come to Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on the Warialda – Bingara Road to enjoy the art exhibition which continues though July.

For more information contact Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on 02 6729 4147.