Living Classroom hits the world stage

May 20, 2014

Bingara’s Living Classroom has been included in the top 10 must see designs in a landscape architect networking site:

Following is an extract from the article:

"10 Incredible Projects For Students To Know About And Why!
Anyone who is, or has been, a landscape architecture student knows the value of exploring past and present projects for both design ideas and inspiration….

The following 10 projects for students are examples of incredible landscape architecture that every student needs to know about, representing more than simply the aesthetic and pushing the boundaries of what landscape architecture is and what it can be!"

Visit to see the 10 projects which includes Bingara and The Living Classroom.

Visit John Mongard’s website to view a slideshow detailing the project.

John has also been invited to submit the TLC to the 8th Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize.