The Living Classroom Wins National Award

May 22, 2017

The Living Classroom in Bingara has won the 2017 Award for the “Greenest and Most Sustainable Garden” offered through the Centre for Organic Research and Education.

The Award was open to all sizes and type of gardens focused on sustainability. The Gwydir Learning Region Manager Rick Hutton entered TLC on behalf of the Gwydir Community and the students of Bingara Central School who have been involved in a ‘Civics” project at TLC during the past four school terms.

Bingara Central School students at work/play at TLC.

Rick provided the following explanation of the TLC program with the entry.

“The Living Classroom is a centre dedicated to regeneration. Regeneration means the re-invigoration of the land, and the passing on of knowledge and inspiration to the next generation. On 150 hectares we have designed, mapped and are building a range of ‘storyboards’ showcasing food systems from across the globe. Recycling is a key theme, and with our ‘raised mandala’ kitchen gardens we have re-used sheets of corrugated iron to form six sided mandala beds, filled with compost over shredded paper, and ‘activated’ to provide a healthy living soil.

Our student participants are active in building the garden beds and planting them with seasonal vegetables. The students have created compost heaps, collected seeds, formed good soil tilth, and have prepared the seed beds for planting. Progressively they have selected plants to provide a cover crop and a green manure, considered seasonal opportunities, planted, mulched and watered the beds through to harvest.”

Rick said, “I am delighted to have our community receive this Award. It has been great to work with the students and see their enthusiasm for recycling, composting and gardening. I see a wonderful future in their capable hands.”

The full details of the Award and the Runners-up can be viewed at the Centre for Organic Research and Education – International Composting Week.

Picture of students at work/play at TLC.