Local couple to bring Roxy Café back to life

February 28, 2019

A couple who describe themselves as ‘almost local’, Tim and Patsy Cox will re-open Bingara’s Roxy Café towards the end of March. Tim, a keen cook, has resigned his position with Gwydir Shire Council to put all of his energy into the project, while Patsy will continue her four days per week at Council, and will be working with Tim in the café on weekends.

Patsy and Tim Cox, embarking on an exciting new business project.

Patsy and Tim Cox, embarking on an exciting new business project.

The couple will focus on using locally supplied ingredients, and honour the culture of the Roxy. “We are going to try and stick with the vision of the café when it started, and be sensitive to the culture of the building and its history,” Tim said.  “We will also use local suppliers where we can, and in general, showcase their product.”  The vision of the restored café specifically mentions showcasing produce from the local community, including the Living Classroom.

Both Tim and Patsy stressed they want to have a point of difference from what is already available. “We want to put our stamp on the business by using family recipes that will make it unique,” Tim said. As a Council employee, Tim has seen the café in operation and has had the opportunity to see what works, and what doesn’t.

“We are keen to engage with visitors and tourists, and make the café a destination,” he said. “Fresh, quality, seasonal produce will be most important,” Patsy said. “Initially we will open for breakfast and lunch, also serving morning and afternoon tea. Later we plan to extend, and work in with productions etc. at the theatre for pre-booked, set or short menu,” she said.  “Even supper when they come out of a show,” Tim added. “We will be licenced as well,” Patsy said. “We are still in the initial stages, organising staff, and sourcing products and equipment.”

Last weekend, Tim and Patsy attended the Australian Coffee College, where they learned how to make “pretty and beautiful coffees”. Their knowledge, together with their contacts in the industry, will go a long way to their aim of providing consistently good coffee.

The Roxy café has, since it was restored, been popular with visitors to the town, in particular, caravan and motorhome visitors. Patsy and Tim are keen to build on the café’s reputation and cater for local residents, destination visitors and people travelling through. “We will be offering specialty teas, nice old fashioned things like milk shakes and spiders that people expect to find in traditional cafes, some Greek food, and the kind of fresh, modern lunches that people want,” Patsy said.