Local producers look outside the square #2

August 18, 2010

The Rocky Creek area boasts a number of businesses that supplement their cattle enterprises with another business on farm.

Last week the Advocate brought to readers the story of Scott and Regina Michell’s Bike Territory, which made use of existing infrastructure as a starting point.

Don and Jenn Capel also made use of existing infrastructure in establishing their farmstay business, called “Sherwoods Cottage.”

It all started when the workman’s cottage (where the Sherwood family once lived) was in need of maintenance.  To justify the expenditure, which initially involved a new roof, the couple decided that a farmstay venture might be worth a try. That was 14 years ago.

Over the years, the cottage has been upgraded, with antique furniture and extra touches being added when funds allowed.

Business was slow at first, but according to Jenn, that was not a problem, as the couple still had children at home.

With an increasing number of people using the internet to book accommodation, Don and Jenn have experienced a steadily growing number of guests.

Last year the Sherwoods Cottage website was given a “makeover” by local web designer Georgina Sinclair, which brought to life what was being offered at Sherwoods Cottage.

The completion of the sealing of the Narrabri Road last year has also had a major impact on bookings. “There were a surprising number of people who would not use the road because it had some sections of gravel.

Now that it’s fully sealed, more people are travelling along the road and choosing to stay at Sherwoods Cottage,” Jenn said.

Guests are encouraged to visit some of the many attractions in the area while they are staying.  High on the “rave” list for visitors is Sawn Rocks and the Roxy Theatre, as well as the telescope in Narrabri.

Sherwoods Cottage offers guests a little taste of country life with a large serving of country hospitality. 

“Guests enjoy looking around our property and generally finding out about life in the country, as well as what is involved in growing cattle. The opportunity to wander over a large area, unrestricted also holds great appeal for city guests,” Don said. 

The decision to establish the farmstay has been a successful one, judging by the number of people who have signed the visitor’s book at Sherwoods Cottage.

In addition, according to Don and Jenn “the business is actually a lot of fun. We enjoy meeting people from all around Australia, as well as the few guests we have stay from overseas.”

Visit Sherwoods Cottage at: www.sherwoodscottage.com

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