Marshall tops the State

March 28, 2019

While voters in electorates to the east and west of Northern Tablelands electorate deserted the National Party, Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall was returned as the Nationals Member with an increased majority.

Counting of postal votes is continuing, but with most of the votes counted, Mr. Marshall received 74.25 percent of the first preference votes.  In the 2015 election, he received 67.34% of the first preference votes.

In Northern Tablelands this year, there were four candidates: Adam Marshall (Nats), Debra O’Brien (Country Labor), Dorothy Robinson (Greens), and Rayne Single (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers). On a two candidate preferred vote, he received 81.34 percent, ahead of his nearest rival, Country Labor’s Debra O’Brien, who received 18.66 percent.

Pre-poll voting continues to gain popularity, with over 9,500 people opting to vote in one of the pre-poll offices before election day. There are 55,371 people enrolled to vote in Northern Tablelands. Mr. Marshall’s success, and that of Member for Tamworth, Kevin Anderson, who safely retains his seat with 78.13 percent of the two candidate preferred vote, contrasts with Barwon to the west, where new candidate the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party won the seat. To the northeast, Lismore, was won by Labor.

Northern Tablelands votes

Marshall – 33,295 – 74.25%
O’Brien –  5,009 –  11.17%
Robinson – 2,461 – 5.49%
Single – 4,076 – 9.09%

A delighted Adam Marshall celebrates his win.

A delighted Adam Marshall celebrates his win.

How we voted:

Marshall 764
O’Brien 68
Robinson 9
Single 89
Total formal 915
Informal 12

Marshall 772
O’Brien 95
Robinson 17
Single 72
Total formal 956
Informal 30

North Star
Marshall 71
O’Brien 7
Robinson 1
Single 13
Total formal 92
Informal 2

Upper Horton
Marshall 80
O’Brien 3
Robinson 0
Single 7
Total formal 90
Informal 1

The final counting of votes should be finished within days, when the poll in this electorate can be declared. Voting for the Legislative Council continues. The check count (batching and data entry) for the Legislative Council ballot papers began on Sunday at the Legislative Council count centre, Rosehill Racecourse Exhibition Hall.

The Legislative Council check count figures will began appearing yesterday on the NSW Electoral Commission website at

The check count will report first preference votes, both above and below the line, for all groups and candidates that appear on the ballot paper. The website will be progressively updated to Wednesday, 10 April. It is anticipated the distribution of preferences to determine the elected Legislative Council candidates will occur on Friday, 12 April 2019. This date is subject to change.