Miracle ride after bike accident

May 20, 2009

Local man, Alan Bilsborough, with his leg broken in three places, rode his smashed motorbike 15 kilometres to get help after hitting a kangaroo recently.

Mr. Bilsborough was riding back to Bingara from Gympie when a kangaroo hopped out hitting the left side of his motorbike. The accident occurred between Warialda and Bingara.

Mr. Bilsborough said he “looked down and saw my leg was swinging.”  Because the whole left side of the bike, along with his leg, was smashed, he was not able to change gears, or get off the bike.  “I had the choice of falling off the bike or to keep going,” he said.

Mr. Bilsborough rode his bike, in top gear what he thought was about five or six kilometres to Ray androbyn Roninson’s property. The trip was, however, about 15 km.  “I don’t know how I did it, it was not a nice feeling, I was in a fair bit of pain, and can’t remember much of the trip,” he said.

From the Robinson’s property, Mr. Bilsborough was taken to Bingara MPS, and transferred to Tamworth Base Hospital where he underwent surgery on his leg.  He was then transferred back to the Bingara MPS. Mr. Bilsborough told the Advocate a fracture has also been found in his foot.

“I am most grateful to Ray and Robyn Robinson for their help, and to the doctors and hospital staff,” he said.

When his injuries heal, Mr. Bilsborough is keen to get back on his beloved bike.  “This won’t stop me getting on a bike again. The bike saved me, if it had been a little bike, the result would have been much worse,” Mr. Bilsborough said.