Narrabri Probus Club goes green at the Roxy on St. Patrick’s day

March 25, 2020

Narrabri Probus Club lit up the Roxy café in a sea of green with 47 members travelling across for a fun morning out. The group were celebrating St Patricks Day for the first time, taking up the cause with great enthusiasm.

IT’S ACTUALLY EASY BEING… L-R: Stuart Barnes, “The steering-wheel attendant”, and Ray Stoltenberg

Whilst blue was once the colour traditionally associated with St. Patrick, it is now the “wearing of the green” which makes St. Patrick’s Day so distinguishable.

“We generally do two day trips a year. A lot of members have been here before. We just thought we would put some money back in to a little town. We enjoy our trips,” said Stuart Barnes, an enthusiastic member of the club.

The Probus Club continued their day with a tour through the Roxy Theatre before lunch, then a drive through the town and a visit to the Museum.

Probus provides an exciting opportunity to meet retirees within local community, with retirees focusing on guest speakers, monthly meetings and a wide range of activities such as walking, theatre, coffee groups, lunches and day outings.

The Narrabri club also travels with extended trips to Outback Spectacular on the Gold Coast and Floriade, unfortunately having to be cancelled for this year.