No Bullets for 2020 season

January 30, 2020

The decision was made recently at the Bullets meeting that the Bullets would not compete in the 2020 season. This tough decision was supported by the committee.

The decision was not made lightly as the committee has worked hard over the last few months to try and attract a coach and more players but to no avail. The Bullets could have secured a good coach, but coaches will not come to a club that struggles for players each week.

Coupled with the restructure of Group 19, it does not suit smaller clubs who may struggle for players week in and week out. “We have struggled for the past few years with numbers and it’s not fair on the committed players to go into game day each week lacking players,” said President, Ben Mack. “We only have a small amount of local players and we rely on players travelling from surrounding towns.  The drought has played a big part in this too, players are travelling away for work and times are tough for everyone,” added Mr Mack.

The committee would like to thank all the players, local and from away that have supported us loyally as well as their generous sponsors, volunteers and committee members. “We’d like to make a special mention to our major sponsor, Bingara Sporting Club because without all of your support it would never happen,” said Ben.

“During this year, we plan to host many fundraising events, so all of our loyal Bullets supporters keep an eye out and keep on supporting the Bullets.”

It’s a shame that there will not be Rugby League team in Bingara this year, but the decision had to be made due to the start of the competition just around the corner. A lot of work goes into preparing and organising the club for the season, therefore the decision had to be made before the start of the competition and unfortunately this is the outcome. “We look forward to coming back bigger and better in 2021,” concluded Ben Mack.