North West Theatre Company Plays have been cast.

October 25, 2011

After the auditions held on Saturday October 22, Director Terry Brady has cast Nedine Young as Melissa and Rick Hutton as Andrew in the upcoming NWTC Production of “Love Letters” by A.R. Gurney.

This play is one of two being presented by the North West Theatre Company, at Bingara’s Roxy Theatre, from November 5 to 13. Enquiries and bookings can be made through the Bingara Tourist Information Centre.

The second play, “The Playing Fields of Eden”, will feature Jessica Russell-Davies as Lois and Nick Hutton as Frederick in an original piece, written by Rick Hutton.

“The Playing Fields of Eden” is based upon an actual event that occurred near Bingara in 1912. Lois Ball died at the property “The Hill”, west of Bingara, which was then part of the Mack family’s Pallal Station. Her husband, Frederick Ball was tried, for the crime of murder, firstly at Bingara Courthouse, then in Armidale. He was convicted, and taken to Armidale Gaol, where he was executed by hanging.

William Frederick Ball, as he was shown on the Certificate of Execution, was the last person to be hanged at Armidale Gaol. Within a short time of his hanging the gaol was demolished to make way for the Armidale Teacher’s College. Ball was the last of six people, that official records show as being legally executed at Armidale.

“I have tried to make some sense of the circumstances that occurred at “The Hill” in 1912”, said playwright, Rick Hutton. “How, within a few short months, the lives of a young, seemingly happily married couple, recently arrived from England, could collapse to the point of murder, intrigued me.” Rick said.

“I hope that our audience will find the story equally intriguing, and perhaps consider the many explanations that could be made, to find a satisfactory one for themselves.” Rick said. “My play is not written to suggest the historical reason, just to be an entertainment, based upon a few clues from the actual event.”

Submitted by NWTC Publicity Officer, Rick Hutton 0428 255380.