NWTC forms a film club

May 31, 2011

The North West Theatre Company has announced the formation of a Film Club , and is inviting all movie lovers to join.  It is a successor to a successful film society that operated some years ago, and has the expressed objective of providing a movie experience exceeding what one might normally expect from a trip to the movies.

NWTC President John Wearne says it is not a unique idea, but offers everyone a great opportunity.“We plan to make your movie experience special” , he told the Advocate.  “Each filmwill be introduced with a short commentary on some of the interesting background to the production and  its stars, and following the screening supper will be available in the Roxy Café – this will happen late enough in the afternoon to double for dinner”, he added.

Plans are for the club to screen a film on the last Sunday of each month, beginning on Sunday July 24, at 4pm.  This will continue for an initial period of six months  – up until Christmas – and then be reviewed prior to a twelve month membership period.“We are deliberately targeting people who will commit to going to the movies once a month, and by becoming affiliated with the New South Wales Federation of Film Societies we will have a wide choice of movies to hire at an economical hiring rate”, he said.

Membership will be for six films over the initial six month period, and cost $65, which includes a joining fee of $5. Afternoon tea and the opportunity to discuss the background to the film are included.  The type of filmswill be varied each month, and include recent releases, old favourites, musicals. dramas, comedies and art house.  Members will be able to make requests for films of their choice.

For people visiting Bingara, casual membership will be available to cover individual screenings.

The Film Club is designed to complement the entertainment program conducted throughout the year, but will add special value for movie lovers.  The initial response to the formation of the club is that it will have solid support.

Enquiries regarding membership  can be made by phoning John Wearne on either 6724 1585 or 0418-419684. Membership registrations can be made with him, or with NWTC Secretary Ros Moulton.