October 15, 2015

It is wonderful to spend time with someone who is as positive and as enthusiastic as Costa, and it is the main reason he has become so successful.

During his time at The Living Classroom (TLC) in his speech to the dinner, and in private conversations he clearly indicated that he is blown away by what Bingara has to offer, and in particular by TLC. As a man who is very focused on the future for food, he immediately “gets it” – and he believes it to be unique in Australia and possibly the world.

A great deal has been going on at TLC. In particular, the “Aussie Farm Dam Makeover” is well advanced – certainly sufficiently advanced to be able to see the potential. This project aims to showcase all that could be done with our farm dams, whilst at the same time creating a magnificent asset for the enjoyment of our community and our visitors. In addition to the tangible works, we will be using Soundtrails technology to tell a series of stories to inform and entertain those who visit the site.

THIS LETTER IS AN OPEN INVITATION to visit– enter from the buildings or through The Family Tree, and follow the system of pathways to explore. Look, listen, and imagine what this will be like in the future.

Come with your ideas, bring a plant to plant into the Food Forest, let us know what you think. Bring the kids – they will have a ball! In particular we invite farmers to look at what has been done, to contribute to what could be done, and to engage with the project. Should you like further information, please feel free to contact any member of the committee:

  • Frances Young Northern Slopes Landcare 0408 836 020
  • Glen Periera Gwydir Shire Council 0429 821 105
  • Rick Hutton 0428 255 380
  • Garry McDouall 0428 834 281

A family BBQ is in the planning for one evening over the next month.