Opera in the Paddock and Inverell Art Society congratulated in NSW Parliament

April 10, 2012

In NSW Parliament last week, Duty MLC for Northern Tablelands Sarah Mitchell congratulated the organisers of Delungra’s ‘Opera in the Paddock’ for another successful year of bringing classics to the regions.

“I was very proud to be able to commend ‘Opera in the Paddock’ in NSW Parliament and was delighted that my speech received strong support from my fellow Upper House colleagues” Mrs Mitchell said.

“Opera in the Paddock is a fantastic event that attracts performers and visitors from around Australia to hear the wide selection of operatic pieces in an open air environment.

“By speaking about the success of ‘Opera in the Paddock’ in Parliament, I wanted to not only acknowledge the importance of the arts in regional New South Wales but also inform my fellow Members of the brilliant events that take place in Northern Tablelands.

“With the support of the NSW Government, it is my hope that the 2013 ‘Opera in the Paddock’ will be just as successful as this year’s event”, Mrs Mitchell said. 

Mrs Mitchell also congratulated the Inverell Art Society for their 50th Anniversary and the dedication of the volunteers who help ensure that the gallery continues to maintain its important role in the area.

“I extended my congratulations to the Inverell Art Gallery’s supervisor, Jo Williams, for overseeing the successful operation of the gallery and for her strong commitment to the arts in the community.

“It is my hope that raising further awareness of the gallery’s efforts will encourage visitors to stop by and see the beautiful new mosaic, Meandering Macintyre, and the works of various other Australian artists”, Mrs Mitchell concluded.