November 27, 2020

Following last week’s article in The Gwydir News regarding the NSW Government regulations regarding the use of QR Codes at licensed premises and hospitality businesses, a number of questions have been raised and many patrons have expressed confusion over the regulations.

From Monday (23rd November) the NSW Government required hospitality venues to adopt a QR code sign-in system for patrons as a compulsory measure for COVID19 compliance. If a patron refuses to provide details to the licensed premises, that person can be denied entry to the premises.

However if a person does not want to or is unable to use digital check-in (i.e. they have no phone) the venue can manually enter the details. Customers can check in using the QR code or complete a digital form via URL.

Both services require an internet connection, either via mobile reception or the venue Wi-Fi. If there is an internet outage, venues can manually acquire details digitally – for example in Excel.

Where a patron does not have a smart phone it is envisaged that businesses are able to record the person’s details on a digital device (computer/iPad).