Ray White auctions create interest in Bingara housing market

March 14, 2015

Christene Smyth of Ray White Rural Bingara submitted three residential properties to public auction in the Roxy Theatre meeting rooms last Tuesday, February 24.

Christene was delighted with the interest in the properties that was generated by the marketing campaign which included both press and digital advertising along with open homes.

Ray White auctions in Bingara
The team from Ray White Rural are extremely positive for the Bingara area. From left, Bruce Birch, Business Development Executive – Livestock, Christene Smyth and Russell Smyth, Ray White Rural Bingara and Bruce Smith, Ray White National Marketing Manager and auctioneer.

Christene reported that “several buyers had been uncovered both during and following the auction campaign and offers have been received immediately following the auctions from parties who unfortunately could not operate under the confines of the auction contract.

“We look forward to our next auctions at the same venue as we believe it is the best method to promote Bingara and its real estate to the broader market,” Christene said.