Ready For Daffodil Day

August 22, 2018

A variety of Small Dougal Bears have arrived in town in readiness for Daffodil Day on Friday, 24 August. This once a year day will be found at the Maitland Street Stall Site in Bingara.

Other merchandise which will be available includes footballs, daffodil pins, keyrings, pens and, of course, the lovely yellow daffodils.


Purchases and donations on Daffodil Day could help

1. To equip ground-breaking researchers with the essential chemicals and lab equipment needed to conduct their life-saving work;

2. It can help fund groundbreaking scientific research which involves gaining a better understanding of cancer and how it behaves;

3. It can help finance the most suitable researchers for vital laboratory testing;

4. It could help support a clinical trial of new cancer treatments, giving hope to cancer patients , and maybe saving lives. Without clinical trials, and your support, new cancer treatments would not be available to those who need them most.

Buy a bunch of daffodils, which could save the life of someone you love!