School News: October 16, 2008 (Week 1, Term 4)

October 17, 2008

Children should always be given as many opportunities as possible to find out what their particular talent is. Then nurturing that talent and developing it is a vital responsibility for parents, teachers and other support people. The most important people in a school are the children.

Everyone who works in a school in whatever capacity, is here soley for the purpose of providing each child with a solid preparation for their individual future. Children must be given every chance and every opportunity to make the most of their life.

Parents, community and school partnerships for the benefit of the children overflow into the whole community. We need to ensure that opportunity is not tainted by individuals who thinks it’s not ‘cool’ to be good at school or to respect others. These individuals are a small minority, but it is great for all of us, children and adults, to find our pathways to success and to embrace all the opportunities that school is only to willing to provide.

“Those who can reach a child’s heart can reach the world’s heart”.
Rudyard Kipling