Shop locally this Christmas

December 4, 2019

It’s officially only three weeks until Christmas and if the stress of Christmas Shopping is already increasing, the Gwydir News has your answer. The most important thing for Christmas is your presence, not presents, especially with this prolonged and devasting drought.

One can make a gift or you can host a Secret Santa to keep spending affordable. But rather than taking off to a larger centre to battle the crowds, you can often find the perfect gift within the Gwydir Shire.

There are many locally owned businesses that grace our street front coupled with many stay-at-home mums’ side hustles from home. These gifts range from toys, fashion, giftware and Tupperware to essential oils, jewellery and woodwork with many businesses also offering gift vouchers.  One could purchase a gift voucher to the Film Club or Roxy Theatre to attend one of their many events during the year or at a cafe within the Gwydir Shire for a night out.

When you shop locally, your money is kept in the local community as these shops are owned by your neighbours and friends, who in turn often are purchasing items from other local businesses, trades and services. As a result, this stimulates the local economy.

Local businesses are often at the forefront for any fundraising causes happening within the Gwydir Shire, either donating money, products or services. You don’t have to look too far for a school, sporting or charitable organisation that a local business has supported.

So if you are buying for your loved ones this Christmas, everything you can find is here in the Gwydir Shire.