Shopfront planned to showcase the ‘Wider Gwydir’

July 21, 2016

Vision 2020 invites residents to a community meeting on Thursday, July 28 to plan the next step in creating a vision/strategic plan for the whole of the shire. Vision 2020 suggests that this process be called “Wider Gwydir – Our Future”.

Vision 2020’s goal for ‘Wider Gwydir’ is that each part of the shire takes ownership of the process for their area. This will harness the energy of each community focusing on things they are most interested in, and will generate the broadest spread of community ideas.

These will be brought together at the end to create “Wider Gwydir ~Our Future” – our Vision & Strategic Plan.

“We would love your input in planning a ‘shopfront’ at the Roxy Café” Vision 2020 Vice President, Garry McDouall said.

This project is intended to be a physical space to ‘shopfront’ and collect and share ideas. The shopfront will showcase community plans, stimulate thinking, engage with area visitors and tourists, publish success stories from the 2020 process, and summarise outcomes from events like the Gwydir Summit, the ‘Presidents’ evening, and the training with Amanda Cahill.

“We invite you to join us at the Roxy Cafe at 5pm on July 28 to help build our future,” Mr. McDouall said.