Strong support for Easterfish

April 19, 2017

The future of fishing in the Gwydir River around Bingara is assured, with many small fish which had to be returned to the river caught over the Easter weekend. The anglers were unfazed, because this means the Bingara Fish Hatchery’s program of restocking the river is working.

Bingara Anglers Club’s popular Easterfish competition, held from Good Friday until Sunday, continues to grow in numbers, this year attracting 147 entries, which is an increase on last year.

Easterfish weigh in 2017

Part of the big crowd that attended the presentation of Easterfish prizes at the Bingara Hatchery on Sunday.

Weather conditions were perfect for fishing, and the crowd at the Hatchery on Sunday for the presentation of prizes was very strong. A total of 109 fish were weighed in. This included 13 Cod, 36 Yellowbelly, 49 Catfish (from Copeton Dam only) and 10 carp.

Local fisherman, Neil Galvin caught 19 cod, but only two were legal size. Many of Neil’s fish were in the 45-52cm range, which means that they can be legally caught in years to come.

Committeeman, Stan Fletcher, said a “heap of carp” had been caught, adding it was good to get rid of them from the river. Ninety of the fish were weighed in at Copeton, at the weigh-in station operated by the Pallamallawa helpers.

Several visitors to Bingara, who are camped by the river, entered the Easterfish competition. “They said that Bingara has a lot to offer, and we heard many good comments about the town from them,” Stan said.

Anglers Club President, Stuart Lanagan, said that because of the high number of small fish caught, the club is contemplating a ‘catch and release’ competition. This would, he said, attract a lot more entries, and hopefully more sponsorship of the event.

Easterfish 2017 results


  • Cod: Clint Wilson, 5.025kg
  • Yellow Belly: Ethan Colbran 4.105kg
  • Catfish: Greg Macey 2.825kg


  • Cod: Nicole Wilson, 4.760 kg
  • Yellow Belly: Liz Hobday 2.435kg
  • Catfish: Liz Hobday 3.060kg

Carp Biggest:

  • Rory Gambrill 3.545kg

Most carp:

  • Freya Wilson 11

Junior boys

  • Cod: Ben Hobday 4.540kg
  • Yellow Belly: Luke Hobday 3.580kg
  • Catfish: Ben Hobday 2.690kg

Junior Girls

  • Cod: Freya Thompson 3.285kg
  • Yellow Belly: Amity Dyke 1.865kg
  • Catfish: Rebecca Macey 1.965kg

Winner of Kayak

  • Debbie-Jo Macey

Secret weights

  • 1st: Troy Hobday.
  • 2nd: Todd Macey.
  • 3rd: Marshall Bond.