Successful Horton Horse Sale

June 22, 2015

Sunday, June 14 saw Upper Horton host its annual horse sale. A warm sunny day brought a large contingent of prospective buyers and casual onlookers to cast their eyes over the 160 horses up for sale.

Badonkadonk and Luna
Badonkadonk and Luna enjoying the greener pastures of a bright future

The sale started with the dispersal of around 50 saddle broncs, the best of them selling for up to $1400 each. Following the bucking stock around 30 quality ridden horses were sold with a mixed bag of results.

The top selling horses were registered stockhorses and quiet children’s ponies, with good types making more than $3000. The day ended with the sale of approximately 80 assorted horses, broken station horses, unbroken young stock of every shape and colour and off the track thoroughbreds. Prices where up considerably from last year for this portion of the sale with the average being $350.

The sale was also attended by horse rescue group, North West Equine Rescue, who had raised funds to purchase horses which may have otherwise been heading for the knackery. Group co-ordinator Tianna commented on how well the sale was run and gave a thumbs up to the committee on the quality of care given to the horses on the day.

Tianna also mentioned how it is always a hard decision choosing which horses to buy and which to let go. As a guideline she only bid against known knackery buyers for horses that had the potential of living a long and full life with new owners. By the end of the sale they had successfully secured eight horses and a donkey which were taken back to the Tamworth base and are currently awaiting veterinary and handling assessments before being placed up for adoption.

Anyone wishing to support the rescue by donating or adopting a horse can find them at www.northwestequine.

[Photo and story contributed by Candice O’Neill.]