The North West Theatre Company is back

February 21, 2020

Louisiana Ladies was a great success for the North West Theatre Company last weekend. Over 170 people enjoyed the play for voices and the beautiful meal provided by the Lions’ Ladies.

Marie commented, “Louisiana Ladies was well cast, well done ladies”.

The cast of Louisiana Ladies, Kerry Anne Thomas, Lynne Clark, Rachael Heaton, Grace Smyth, Tanya Heaton and Lee Louden.

Jo stated that she wasn’t quite sure what a radio play was and was a little surprised when the cast came onto the stage holding scripts. “As the play unfolded though I was delighted, the concept allowed for the actresses to take you on a journey, it was fun to let your imagination fill in the gaps”.

Marilyn was excited that the NWTC had held another production, “I love how talented this Company is, Grace Smyth as Shelby was incredible. She is more than a Mona Lisa smile! And Rachael Heaton was so angelic. Just beautiful”.

The NWTC is planning a production of Oliver Twist later in the year with a play reading on Sunday 8 March 2020 with auditions later in the year. All are welcome to come along to the play reading and discover the story and your voice.