Trying conditions at Zone 8 Jamboree

October 27, 2009

Dusty dry conditions couldn’t dampen the spirits of the 2009 Bingara Pony Club Jamboree Team who were triumphant at the recent Jamboree held at Gravesend.

Triumphant not because they won, but because of the team spirit that saw them pipped at the post by only eight and a half points, the closest they have come to winning in years.

Gravesend has been winning for so long that most clubs can’t recall the last time their name appeared on the shield, according to one of the Bingara parents.

Winning would have been a bonus, but as Bingara Club Treasurer Helen Nicolle stated, “We could not have been any more proud  of our kids, if they had won”.
The weather was horrendous, with dust storms nearly blowing the riders off their horses. Spectators had their fingers crossed as they watched competitors ride the six bar against a wind so fierce that the jump wings needed to be held up by the judges.

As awful as conditions were, the jamboree team comprising 18 children, six associates, along with their parents and supporters, had a wonderful time.

The riding is important, winning is great, but both are only a small part of what Jamboree competition is about. Mateship, teamwork and proudly representing your club
and your town is what it is all about!

Gravesend, not known for its shade, allocated a camping area to the Bingara team somewhat remote from the core camping area.
One parent commented that he didn’t know where we were camped, but he believed the Pallamallawa tennis courts were just behind us.

Next year, jamboree will be hosted by Bingara. According to one parent, “it will be our year! We recognise our weaknesses, we know our strengths and we aim to keep the shield in Bingara. But, if we don’t, we’ll have fun trying.”
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