Upper Horton Dog trial judges impressed

June 18, 2012

Two of the judges attending the Upper Horton Dog Trials were Mr. John Rosten and Mr. Ray Williams, both from Uralla. Mr. Rosten judged the Encouragement Class for Yard Dog Trials and Mr. Williams officiated at the Encouragement Class in the Arena Trials.

Both judges were impressed with all the competitors, some travelling from as far as Canberra and Brisbane. As well as judging, both men competed in the trials, Mr. Williams in the Open Arena Trial with 3 of his dogs, and Mr. Rosten with 4 of his dogs in the Open Yard Trials.

Both men were full of praise for the event, from the venue, the picturesque setting, the friendliness of the competitors and locals alike. Also it is different because it’s the long weekend and the venue is very inviting to camp, which a lot of the people take advantage of. They also made mention of the hard work and organisation that Barry Madden and his family put into this event, year after year.