Variety at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park exhibition

April 25, 2019

Five amazingly talented artists, papermaker Yvonne Ledingham, ceramicists, Albert Verschuuren, Nicci Parry-Jones and Max Powell along with Helena South’s pastels have filled all three galleries with three separate exhibitions at the Ceramic Break Sculpture Park’s first exhibition for 2019. The exhibition opens on Saturday, April 27 at 12 noon.

Artist in Residence and local papermaker Yvonne Ledingham has more than 40 years of expertise and extensive experimentation evident in the exquisite pieces she has made for her show, ‘fibrepress’. Yvonne recycles not only used paper but cotton trash, garden leaves, rags, plant fibres and much more. The process to turn this into beauty is labour intensive but the final results show an aesthetic one wouldn’t associate with waste.

Some of Yvonne’s works create a recognizable Australian landscape. Many pieces are abstract, even more chance for our imaginations to be involved and others tantalise. Yvonne says “The textures, colours, vastness and timelessness of our country are part of me now – this exhibition reflects my experience and love of it”.

Over a decade ago three master ceramicists had a group show at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park. At last they have returned with beautiful works to delight the eye and to use. ‘Clay Trio’ is the show, Albert Verschuuren, Nicci Parry-Jones and Max Powell are the artists.

Albert Verschuuren likes to experiment with locally sourced materials to create stunning glazes and he intentionally fires his kiln with wood to make unique markings on the pots. There is a very tactile element to Albert Verschuuren’s pots which he makes to be both decorative and functional.

Nicci Parri-Jones creates joyful and colourful porcelain pottery, beautiful and quirky teapots and whimsical sculptures. She sees her art as a mixture of experience, spontaneous creativity and science, using “an age old process: firing the clay; mixing ingredients like an apothecary; dipping, lapping and overlapping glazes.

Max Powell pieces are a celebration of the natural world “the designs, forms and process found in nature are reflected in my work”. The earthy colours are sophisticated and enhance the delicate and elegant shapes of his sculptures and bowls. He plays with ‘the elements of design’ and with just a little pinch in the clay fabric a bowl becomes a sculpture.

Helena South’s exhibition, ‘A Collection of Artworks in Pastels’ illustrates her love of animals and she paints them in strong and bold colours. Compare the delicacy of her Musk Lorikeet balancing on a gum tree and eyeing the red flowers, with the majesty of a large grey elephant. ‘The Matriarch’ is beautifully depicted with a subtle sorrow maybe to remind us of the problems faced by large animals in the wild.

In total contrast Helena has created ‘Let’s Celebrate’ a joyful collection of the symbols of many adult celebrations; cheese, rolls and wine. There are many other pieces to delight the eye and revitalize the soul.

Find time to talk with the artists and find out more about their works. The opening runs from 12 noon – 5 pm with refreshments and. Entry is by gold coin donation. Anyone who brings their own recyclable utensils, will go into the draw to win a Green Prize.

For more information call Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on 02 6729 4147 or visit or find the gallery on Facebook page.