Variety plus in 2018 Film Club program

December 18, 2017

The North West Theatre Company Film Club has announced their 2018 program of the odd, the interesting and the entertaining. The 10 films chosen represent the very best features of cinema, and include a mix of dramas, comedies and foreign films.

The season commences next year on 25th February, and films will again be screened at 4pm on the last Sunday of each month between February and November, with the members mystery film in December.

Membership will remain at $60 for the full year – great value for 11 films given their unique backgrounds. A further bonus for members is to be able to borrow DVD’S free of charge from the club’s library, and a list is available to members to consider. All 20 films have been screened at various times by the Film Club since it began in 2011.

Members will receive a review of each film at the beginning of the week in which it screens, and each film will be introduced. And, for those who wish, drinks and snacks are available after the film.

The Film Club will operate in the future as a formal sub-committee of North West Theatre Company, with delegated authority to operate the club, and reporting back to the NWTC Executive. The General Meeting held each year in conjunction with the Annual Meeting will consider membership fees, screening dates and times, and the composition of the sub-committee.

In 2018, the committee is John Wearne (advertising and presenting), Robyn Phillips (projection) and Ros Moulton (hospitality).  NWTC Treasurer Susan Hutton will continue to manage Film Club finances.

Why not consider membership as a Christmas present? Gift vouchers are available and are very presentable.

The normal membership drive will begin next year, and the target (not quite yet reached) is 50 members. Subscription membership is required for the club to be able to purchase screening rights from distributors at an affordable rate. One pleasing development over the past 12 months has been a big increase in the number of tourists and visitors.

The following program of films will screen in 2018.

  • Sunday February 25th – “THE RIGHT STUFF” (1983) – M – 3hrs 12mins.
    The earliest days of the American space program. 8 Academy Award nominations, won 4.
  • Sunday March 25th – “CRACKERJACK” (2002) – M – 92mins.
    Surely the funniest film ever made about lawn bowls. Highest grossing Australian film of 2002. Stellar cast includes the late John Clarke.
  • Sunday April 29th – “CINEMA PARADISO” (1988) – PG – 2hrs 35mins.
    All time classic Italian film which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film in 1989.
  • Sunday May 27th – “ARGO” (2012) – M – 2hrs.
    Gripping thriller which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2012. Seven Oscar nominations, 3 wins and 232 million dollars at the box office.
  • Sunday June 24th – “FAR FROM MEN” (2014) – M – 110 mins.
    French drama set in 1954 at the beginning of the Algerian war of independence, starring Viggo Mortensen. A hit at film festivals worldwide.
  • Sunday July 29th – “STRICTLY BALLROOM” (1992) – PG – 94 mins.
    Seven AFI Awards. Australian classic which cost 3 million dollars to make and took 80 million worldwide. A must-see!
  • Sunday August 26th – “A PLACE IN THE SUN” (1951) – PG – 2hrs 2 mins.
    Elizabeth Taylor’s first adult role, with Montgomery Clift. Won 6 Academy Awards with 3 other nominations.
  • Sunday September 23rd – “CAT BALLOU” (1965) – G – 97 mins.
    Hilarious western comedy which won Lee Marvin a Best Actor Oscar for dual roles.  Nominated for 4 others. Jane Fonda plays the outlaw.
  • Sunday October 28th – “SHINE” (1996) – M – 1 hr 46 mins.
    Geoffrey Rush won the Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of the disturbed genius David Helfgott.
  • Sunday November 25th – “OUT OF AFRICA” (1985) – M – 2hrs 41mins.
    What a film to end the 2018 season! Winner of 7 Oscars, including Best Picture, with a further 4 nominations. Robert Redford and Meryl Streep at their best.

All films start at 4pm. Membership fees $60 for full year, reduces by $6 per month.