“Victorious draw” for Missiles Tag Team

April 28, 2009

Last Saturday week the missiles fought a gallant battle with only 10 players on a full field at Tingha. The missiles were outnumbered with no reserves and walked away with their heads held high after a 5 all draw. Tingha had plenty of reserves and even though they had one extra player on the field, they couldn’t stop the defense and attack of our missiles.

Lisa McLachlan scored the first two tries for Bingara which evened the score. Alix Wade scored the next two tries for Bingara, one of them came after a very exciting line breaking run of over 70 meters. Kiarnah Walton finished off the game to tie with Tingha in the last two minutes.

Alix Wade fending off a determined Tingha attack.

Outstanding tagging by all the girls, with the highest achieved by Ally Holland-Wright (12), Lisa McLachlan (10) and Kiarnah Walton (10).

Ally Holland-Wright and Mandy Alley didn’t let us down with their wonderful kicking. There were seven exciting line breaks in the match achieved by Tina Arvella (2), Alix Wade, Ally Holland-Wright, Amy Withers, Danika Fields and Jess Heal.

Spectator Mick Wade gave points to Alix Wade (3), Lisa McLachlan (2), Ally Holland-Wright (1); Ref’s points went to Mandy Allen (3), Jess Heal (2) and Alix Wade. Players pick went to Lisa McLachlan.

There is no doubt that the missiles are a team to be reckoned with this season and we look forward to some wonderful matches to come.

The girls had a great game with no relief and although a little battered and bruised, came off the field with, in my opinion, a victorious draw.