Vision 20/20 on display

May 29, 2008

Bingara and District Vision 20/20 Members enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at the Bingara Show on Saturday chatting about alternative energy particularly solar energy; the Riverscape project; concept plans for Bingara Gardens and Eye on Gwydir Photography Competition.

Committee Member, Philippa Morris commented, “A number of people have stopped and given positive feedback particularly concerning the beautification of the river area.  A couple were very pleased to learn that they would still be able to drive a vehicle down to the water’s edge.”

President, Garry McDouall said, “The day has been very worthwhile and we have spoken with, but more importantly listened to a great number of people who have great ideas and suggestions for not only the Riverscape but the concept of the Bingara Gardens.  There are still a lot of questions and concerns regarding the Gardens idea and we encourage people to attend one of our Meetings, or to telephone me or write a letter to the Committee.  All feedback is welcome”.

Committee Member, Susanne Hughes said, ‘It is great to see McGregors here promoting the use of solar energy, Barry Andrews has organised displays by Mono Solar Pumps and Thunderbird Solar Energisers and they have had a number of enquiries”.

A display of the “Eye on Gwydir” photography competition was also on show.  The current theme is “Outdoors, Fitness and Team Sports” and this section closes on Friday May 30.

Remember to get your entry forms at the Tourist Information Office or the Council Office.  $200 is up for grabs and the overall yearly winner will receive $1,200.  Any queries telephone Carmen Southwell on 0428 241 542.