Warialda artists make the cut

August 7, 2020

In these strange times many of our activities have been curtailed, sporting events, cinemas and galleries to name a few. To cope with the restrictions and encourage people to view the work of regional artists, Moree’s BAMM has moved part of their Annual Art Fair on-line.

Previously, each artist’s work was displayed in individual micro exhibition spaces within the Gallery, but now it is possible to view these works from the comfort of your own home.

Two Warialda artists made the cut and are among only 10 regional artists showing, sculptor Kerry Cannon and papermaking artist, Yvonne Ledingham represent this district.

“The BAMM Festival is my first virtual show,” claims Kerry Cannon. “Sending in images is much easier than moving heavy bronzes in and out of a gallery.”

Kerry’s display is the Polar Bear series, a look at the arctic year through 12 bronze compositions, each one representing a month in that year. The bears go through the change of seasons with the associated challenges. In order to survive they have to brave the harsh elements and also battle the dark devils within.

Yvonne Ledingham has been making paper for over 40 years. She originally started with a simple mail order kit. With the expertise and knowledge gained and being a committed recycler, she uses the colours of discarded fabrics, straw hats, worn table linen etc rendered to a colourful slurry in her Hollander beater and creates exquisite images by ‘pulp painting’ using the pulp of cotton and linen fibres.

“Moree’s online exhibition is a great opportunity to exhibit to a very wide audience across the district and the world,” Yvonne said. The exhibition lasts until the end of August. You do not have to brave the road to Moree, no kangaroos or pigs to avoid, just a device and a comfortable chair in your own home and the delights of BAMM’s micro exhibition is yours to view the work of our local artists.

Kerry Cannon & Yvonne Ledingham, BAAM Festival Featured artists.