What will Main Street, Country Town be like in the Year 2020?

September 14, 2009

We could simply sit back, wait a bit over ten years, and see, or we can imagine what changes would be desirable and plan for change.

To plan for the future of our Main Street, Bingara and District Vision 20/20 has invited Gwydir Shire Council to join with it to co-host the Main Street Future Forum in February 2010.

It will be a New England / North West Regional event of a style and format similar to the very successful, Regenerative Energy for Rural Communities Forum co-hosted  by V2020 and GSC, held at the Roxy Theatre Bingara in July 2008.

“For social, commercial and environmental reasons, the chance to imagine, and plan the Main Street of the future, is a challenge needing to be faced now,” said Vision 20/20 President, Rick Hutton. “There will be many differing views as to what can happen. Just imagining the prospects for the Main Street of 2020 will not be easy. But we can combine our imagination and add to it some expert views to propose some design ideas that will make our Main Street more like we want it to be", he said.

What do you aspire your town’s Main Street to be? Busy, friendly, shady, welcoming, clean, safe …the list goes on. But as consumers, community members and voters, we can have an impact.

“Consider the shopping of the future, the types of vehicles and transport, the changes in where people live and work and the style and presentation of Main Street that will make locals and visitors alike want to go there.” said Rick Hutton. “Being aware of the influencing factors and the possible changes, is a starting point, that the Forum will provide,” he said.

The Main Street Future Forum will invite participants from across the region to attend. Selected guest presenters from areas of commerce, town planning, environmental planning, population change, local government, technical and academic backgrounds will be sought to outline the options and the factors that will impact on change.

There will also be an opportunity given to those attending to interact, and have input into the discussion and the reports that will result from the workshop activities.

The date, venue, format and program for the Main Street Future Forum will be made available by the end of October. Contact V2020 President, Rick Hutton on 0428 255380 for more information.