“Where does sanity end and madness begin?” Curious?

June 2, 2014

The North West Theatre Company is delighted to present its first production for 2014, the play “The Curious Savage”.

The Curious Savage is a comedy by American playwright John Patrick. The play has been adapted by the NWTC to an Australian setting. It is suitable for family viewing though some themes may be difficult for young children.

“Our story is set in Canberra in the 1970’s and the action takes place at “The Cloisters”, a private institution for “guests in their final stage of treatment”,” said the play’s Director, Rick Hutton.

In this wonderful comedy we meet the “guests”, Mrs Paddy, Fairy-May, Florence, Jeffrey and Hannibal. “Each of them has their own little quirky secret,” said Rick. “We see them in their communal living room and, on the surface, they seem as normal as say, you or me,” he added.

Deposited into their “eggshell world” is Mrs Ethel Savage, a wealthy widow whose three grown up children, Titus (a Senator), Samantha (a Judge) and Lily-Belle (a Socialite), are frustrated by how “Mother” is spending “their” family fortune, and believe that she needs to be “confined and treated”.

Mrs Savage is soon accepted by her fellow guests, and by Dr Emmett and nurse assistant Miss Wilhelmina, but when it becomes clear that she has not only sold off the Savage estate but has “hidden” all of the money, the battle is on between her children (who want the money back for themselves) and the guests (who want to help and protect her).

The Curious Savage is a laugh-a-minute play with wonderful characters and with many twists and turns as the plot thickens and the tension becomes almost unBEARable.

The Curious Savage will be performed at The Roxy Theatre, Bingara at 7:30pm on the Saturday evenings of July 12 and 19, and as Matinees at 2:30pm on Sunday’s July 13 and 20.

The Curious Savage

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Submitted by Rick Hutton – Director – Ph: 0428 255 380