Wriggle your bare toes in the grass, without burrs

December 4, 2012

Plans are afoot for a new bowls competition, which is aimed at attracting new bowlers to the greens. With the focus on fun and the rewards being cash prizes as a bonus the game will be played on Saturday nights under lights from 6.00 pm.

It doesn’t matter if you have never played before, but for $10, you will be able to play for a couple of hours and get a free drink voucher. The competition will start in the New Year, but in the meantime get together a group of three, regardless of whether or not you’ve played before.

The main consideration is that you wish to have fun and get away from the boring television. You can play bare footed, or alternately wear flat soft-soled shoes. As the greens are beautifully maintained by volunteers, burrs are not an issue.

The plan is to have revolving teams so that you are always playing with and against someone different, so that everyone has an equal chance of picking up some pocket money.

Experienced players will be matched up with novices and there is no age restriction. Juniors are more than welcome. Spare bowls are available at the club for no extra charge.

To register your interest ring the club on 67241206, or alternatively Allister Lemin on 6724 1821 or 0429 368 990, or Trevor Galvin on 6724 1438.

Come to the club on either Wednesday or Saturday for a head start of practice. Names to be in by 6.00 pm.