Young Bingara Artists Share “$100 Worth of Lollies” Prize

October 9, 2009

Bingara students Olivia Mack and Jessie Southwell will share the prize of “$100 Worth of Lollies” awarded by the North West Theatre Company for a poster design for their Christmas Pantomime “Hansel & Gretel LOST in Sherwood Forest”.

NWTC Publicity Officer, Rick Hutton said that the company was delighted with the effort made by the two students. “Olivia and Jessie showed a keen sense of story, colour and fun in their posters. The lost children and the lolly covered “gingerbread house” featured in both entries.” He said.

The NWTC was also delighted to receive a parcel of 27 entries from Oxley Vale Primary School. “We were so surprised and delighted to get so many entries from Oxley Vale that we have offered two family tickets to the school to present to the winners of their best designs Ivy Tallar and Mackenzie Browning.” Rick said.

The show has been cast by Director Ben Daley and rehearsals for “Hansel & Gretel LOST in Sherwood Forest” will commence on October 24. Tickets will be available for the six performances that will take place at Bingara’s Roxy Theatre on December 4,5,6 and 11,12,13, through Fays of Bingara from October 26.

Submitted by Rick Hutton
Publicity Officer
Ph: 0428 255 380