Young people challenged to “imagine the country town of 2025”

February 13, 2010

The challenge has been made to school students across the New England/ North West Region to “imagine the country town of 2025” and display their visions by either drawing or words.

Gwydir Shire Council and Bingara & District VISION 20/20 are co-hosting the “Our Place” – Country Town Living 2025 Forum on February 24 and 25. Representatives from Secondary schools have been invited to attend to give a “young person’s perspective” on our future.

To raise interest and to stimulate some imagination the hosts have offered four $25 Open Order prizes to the best entries in the challenge.

Drawings of how our country towns might look, our way of life in country towns, or written descriptions of their appearance, in one hundred words or less, will be judged for the best ideas and presentation.

Entry forms have been sent to schools across the region and schools and students can get an entry form by emailing: The entries are to posted to Bingara and District VISION 20/20, PO Box 222 Bingara, 2404 to arrive no later than February 24, or they can be delivered to the Roxy Theatre in Bingara or emailed to

To stimulate their thinking, students are reminded that a little over fifty years ago, TV first came to Australia. The traditional meal was meat and two veg. Letter writing was the most used communication, and the blackboard and chalk was the feature at the front of the classroom.

Today our youth are entertained by interactive computer games, pizza and pasta are on the menu, mobile phones and texting are the ways to communicate, and the interactive white board, fronts the class.

Bingara Central School is a proud sponsor of the Forum. A representative group of senior secondary students will attend the Our Place Forum where they will be asked to contribute their ideas on country town living in 2025.

Click Here to access tickets for the Forum and the Dinner or contact the Bingara Tourism Office on 02 6724 0066.

Submitted  by  Rick Hutton,
Publicity Officer, Bingara and District VISION 20/20
Ph: 0428 255380.